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حل مادة super goal2 ثاني متوسط الفصل الثاني

كتاب الطالب
كتاب الطالب
كتاب النشاط
كتاب النشاط

حل كتاب الإنجليزي super goal2 ثاني متوسط ف2

Before Reading
What do you know about camels? Have you ever
ridden one?
After Reading
1. Why are camels called “ships of the desert”?
2. How is riding a camel different from riding a horse?
3. What are two characteristics of camels?
4. Which tip do you think is the most important and why?
Ships of the Desert
“It’s the one of the most uncomfortable experiences I’ve ever had. But it
was incredibly fun! I’ll never forget it!” That’s what many people say after
they have ridden a camel for the first time. Camels, also known as “ships
of the desert,” have been a favorite means of transport for millennia due to
their ability to withstand the hot, dry climate of the desert.
Riding a camel is not the same as riding a horse. First, the rider must sit
and balance himself about two meters above the ground on the camel’s
hump. Second, a camel walks differently than a horse. It moves the two
right legs together, and then the two left legs. This can make the rider
swing from side to side.
Riding a camel for the first time? Here are some helpful tips:
1. Wear sunscreen, long sleeves, and a hat for protection from the
hot sun.
2. Wear long pants and socks to protect your legs from getting itchy.
3. Always go riding with an experienced cameleer who knows the
animal. Camels are emotional and will respond better if a familiar
person is nearby.
4. Get on when the camel is in a sitting position. Put one foot on a small
stool and then throw your other leg over the camel’s hump in one
5. When the camel stands up, hold on tight and grip your knees around
the camel’s sides. As the camel leans forward, lean back in the
opposite direction to keep from falling.
6. Sit and hold the reins confidently. Camels are intelligent and can sense
if you are nervous.
7. Relax in the saddle and bend your knees at a 90° angle. This will help
you balance as the camel swings you from side to side.
8. After the ride, wait for the camel to sit down. Hold on. Lean back
and then forward, just as you did when the camel stood up.

حل كتاب الإنجليزي super goal2 ثاني متوسط ف2

Read about Ali’s uncle. Circle all the linking words and phrases that you can find.
Do you know anyone who has gone scuba diving in the coral reefs of the Red Sea, mountain
biking in Al Baha, or paragliding in Asir? These are just a few of the exciting things my
uncle has done. Hameed is a travel writer who publishes articles to promote youth tourism
in the Kingdom. He believes that the best way to write about things is to experience them.
He has ridden camels and raced Arabian
horses. He has also climbed to the summit of
Shada Mountain. He has been sand skiing in the
Rub’ Al Khali Desert and has driven a 4×4 in the
dunes of Al Qassim.
Of course, he is careful. “Safety comes first,”
he always says. Before he does any extreme
or dangerous activity, he first learns about it.
Then he trains with expert instructors. In fact,
he spent a week practicing in a pool before he
went scuba diving in the sea.
So what’s next for Uncle Hameed? He hasn’t flown in a hot air balloon, nor has he tried kite
surfing. However, he has promised to take me mountain biking around Al Souda Mountain
when I’m 16. I can’t wait!
Writing Corner
Linking words and phrases help connect ideas and make a paragraph easier to read.
1. To show addition: and, or, nor, also, too
2. To show contrast: but, however, on the other hand
3. To give examples or emphasis: for example, like, such as; of course, in fact
4. To show time: when, before, after, since, first, second, next, then
B. Think of someone you know or invent a character that has had an exciting life. Write notes in the chart
about what the person has done and why it is exciting.

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